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  • LDT Temps to Orion Subsystems information
    Updated On: Jul 28, 2021


    Laid off temporary employees at LDT have the opportunity to work at Orion Subsystems, On a temporary basis, as a temporary employee in the LOC.

    Q1: Will I Still have GM Benefits if I decline the voluntary offer?  Benefits end at the end of the month that the employee last worked when laid off but in this case the employees will need to be released and therefore, they benefits will terminate with the release.

    Q2: How much will I be paid if I accept the offer to temporarily work at Orion Subsystems? You will earn $15/hour for the duration of time that you work at Orion Subsystem.

    Q3: Will my length of service as a temporary employee at LDT be negatively impacted if I accept the offer to work at Orion Subsystems? You will receive a new date when you hire as a temporary employee at the Orion Facility.  The parties agreed that should you be hired at LDT within the next thirty (30) days, you will retain your previous service date.

    Q4: Will this impact my ability to convert from temporary status to OTS Regular at LDT?  No, Provided that you are reinstated, you will need to satisfy the provisions outlined in Paragraphs VI and VII of Attachment B to Appendix A of the 2019 National Agreement.

    Q5: Am I able to work at Orion Subsystems permanently if I would rather stay there then return to LDT?  Yes, because your employment at LDT has ended, Thus allowing you to be hired as a full-time regular Status LOC employee, provided that there continues to be full time positions available. The benefits, Wages and vacation entitlement will be governed by the LOC master agreement as an Orion subsystems employee.

    Q6: Will I be able to use Vacation Time if I accept the offer to work temporarily at Orion Subsystems? No, you would not be eligible to use any vacation allotment entitled to you under Paragraph XI of Attachment B to Appendix A of the 2019 National Agreement while working at Orion Subsystems.

    Q7: When will I be recalled to LDT? This layoff is temporary in nature and the duration is subject to change. However, keep in mind that any periods of layoff that extend beyond thirty (30) days will result in employees being released from assignment, provided that no agreement to deviate is reached by the parties.

    Q8: If I accept the offer to work temporarily at Orion Subsystems, When and where should I report to work? Report to main visitor entrance at 6:45am on Monday, July 19th. You will be given job assignment and any applicable training instructions upon arrival.

    Address is 4555 Giddings Road, Orion, MI  48359

    Q9: Who should I contact at Orion Subsystems with questions/issues upon arrival? Jim Wood at 248-882-0725 and/or Jason Williams at 734-620-1609.

  • UAW Local 602

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